Wellbeing Videos

Overuse of technology

How much time is enough for children to spend on their mobile phones, on their favourite games console or watching TV?

Our Emotions

Meet Willa. She explains how our brains work. Her focus is on how and why our emotions change and how to help express ourselves.

Understanding hormones

Understand changes that will happen to your child's behaviour when puberty begins (9-14 years old).

Respecting others

Anti-bullying guidance for parents from the Welsh Government.

NSPCC Safety Online

Helpful advice and tools you can use to help keep your child safe.

How to relax

This video teaches us about the effect stress has on our bodies and what we can do to relax and be calm.

Action for Children

Action for Children supports and speaks for the UK’s most vulnerable and neglected children.

Think u know - Internet Safety

Key advice to keep children safe whilst using the internet

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