School Council and the Eco Council

We take the opinions of our pupils seriously. Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Teyrnon belongs to them. A council, made up entirely of pupils from every school year in the Junior Department meet regularly to discuss issues that are important to the children. The members of the School Council and Eco Council are elected by the children themselves and they have a valuable and important role in deciding how the school develops and on environmental issues. There are ample opportunities for children throughout the school to make their feelings known to the members of both councils.

Siarter Iaith – Welsh Language Charter

The purpose of the Welsh Language Charter is to increase the Children’s use of the Welsh language in social situations. Basically, getting the children to speak and use their Welsh more.  

We have been successful in attaining the Bronze and Silver Award. We are now working towards achieving the Gold Award. The school's Welsh Language Charter Ambassadors meet regularly to discuss ideas and choose the challenges of the month. Keep an eye out for their challenges every month on Twitter and Google Classroom!