Nursery Reception to Year 2:  Year 3 to 6
09:00 - 11:30 School starts at 09:00 School starts at 09:00
  Morning break from 10:30-10:45 Morning break from10:30-10:45
  Lunch time starts at 11:45 Lunch time starts at 12:00
  Afternoon session starts at 12:45 Afternoon session starts at 12:45
  Afternoon break – 14:15-14:30 Afternoon break – 14:00-14:15
  School ends at 3:15 School ends at 3:15


Morning Arrangements

Parents are advised that their children should arrive no earlier than 8:50 am. From 8:50 children who walk to school enter via the green gate and walk with their parents to the bottom of the main entrance steps and enter through the main entrance and parents to leave via the green pedestrian gate. Children who travel on buses after coming off the bus go straight to the main entrance.

If you accompany your children to school please do not leave them unsupervised until a member of the school staff arrives on supervision duty at 8.50.

Parents and Guardians are not permitted to park in the school car park in front of the main entrance. These arrangements are essential to ensure the safety of our pupils at all times.

Ease Traffic Arrangements on Brynglas Drive

We ask kindly for everyone’s co-operation when you bring your children to the school or visit the site via car. When driving to the school site after you leave the roundabout, turn left at the t-junction to go onto Brynglas Drive. This will take you in on a circular route to the front of the school. We would appreciate it if everyone used Brynglas Drive in a clockwise direction. All school transport will also be following these arrangements.

End of the School Day

At the end of the day, children travelling home on school transport will depart from the hall, staff then accompany them to the buses/taxis where the escorts take over the responsibility for their welfare. The collection points for children travelling home with parents is at the pedestrian walking gate. We advise that children do not walk to school or go home alone without prior instruction from parents, please inform us in writing if you allow this to happen. No games of any kind are allowed on the yard or the field without teacher supervision.

Parents are responsible for their children’s safety once they have been transferred to their care at the end of the day. Please make this very clear to any other person who may be meeting your child from school and ensure that they arrive on time. For Health and Safety reasons please ensure that your child does not play on the outdoor equipment which is situated on the school grounds or in the school garden. School staff are not responsible for pupils after 3.15 pm (with the exception of after school arranged activities).

Arrangements for Nursery Children

Parents/Guardians will escort the children to the Nursery classroom in the morning and collect them from the same location at the end of the session.

Breakfast Club

A Breakfast Club is held at the school from 8:20-8:50 am. To register you need to complete a registration form.

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After School Club

After school clubs are held at the school from 3:15-5:15 pm. You will need to complete an application form to join the club. Clubs are co-ordinated by Menter Iaith Casnewydd.

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