Create an environment for all where there is a caring and sensitive interaction between all adults and pupils, where a wide spectrum of rich experiences are offered to pupils and where all experience a sense of success and satisfaction.

  1. A welcoming school that promotes a feeling of belonging through developing a relationship with the whole community.
  2. Develop ambitious and able pupils that reach their full potential in all aspects of the curriculum through authentic, purposeful and ambitious learning through a variety of rich experiences.
  3. Equity and equality of opportunity to all pupils, regardless of gender, religion or race.
  4. Clear values that develop principled and informed citizens that show respect towards their community and beyond
  5. Emphasise the importance of behaviour, courtesy and appearance towards all.
  6. Encourage learners to be independent, creative and enterprising to develop their thinking skills, ability to process information, their ability to reason and to enquire and evaluate.
  7. Promote the Welsh language in the community and create a culture for pupils to develop into natural Welsh speakers and be proud of their identify.
  8. Encourage and support our learners to be healthy and confident individuals by nurturing their emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.