Two thirds of the world’s population are bilingual. The good news is that here in Wales it really isn’t difficult for any child to grow up to be bilingual.

Why should you bother?

  1. Your child will be able to speak two languages and therefore enjoy two very different cultures.
  2. Bilingual children develop other skills such as problem-solving and creative thinking quicker than children who speak one language, also they often do better at school and in exams.
  3. More and more employers in Wales consider the ability to speak Welsh to be an advantage, therefore being bilingual could be a big plus in the future when your child is considering career options.
  4. Learning any skill is easier when you’re young – and the younger you are, the easier it is.

Won’t my child get confused?

No, ‘Wenglish’- mingling the two languages in the early stages is completely normal. This doesn’t mean that your child is confused; the two languages will eventually separate quite naturally.

Newport City Council: Becoming Bilingual