Pupils with Disabilities

The school does not discriminate against pupils or adults who have disabilities. The building accommodates easy movement of wheelchairs around the building and onto the school playing areas. Disabled toilets for pupils and adults will be located in the foyer area of the school. Designated drop off areas for disabled pupils and designated parking bays are available in the car park.

In order to ensure good access to the school for all children, parents and guardians that have a disability, we ask kindly for information regarding their disability to be recorded upon the child’s entry to the school and updated accordingly.

Additional Learning Needs

At Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Teyrnon we recognise that all children have the right to access a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. Teachers receive continuous training in aspects of additional learning needs and the statutory Code of Practice in order to update and enhance their knowledge and understanding.

Careful monitoring and assessment procedures ensure the early identification of children with additional needs. The class teacher, the Additional Learning Needs Leader and Headteacher work together to identify and discuss causes for concern. Parents/guardians are fully informed and if necessary, parental permission is obtained to either place pupils on the Additional Learning Needs Register or make a referral to external agencies.

Pupils with statements of additional educational needs are integrated into mainstream classes. These pupils have full access to the curriculum. They also receive additional support from the A.L.N teacher, the support staff as well as the class teacher. Occasionally there is a need to enlist external support agencies to help with particular pupils. Parents/guardians are always involved in this process. All pupils on the Additional Needs Register have Individual Learning Programmes within the context of mainstream classes.

Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal [Wales]

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